Beat It Percussion CIC

Beat It Percussion CIC uses rhythm and sound to help people feel better. Founded in 2013, Beat It’s aim is to bring percussion-based interventions into communities who would otherwise have no access to such provision.

Sound relaxation helps people to relax. The inability to relax has a negative impact on wellbeing and mental health, and increasing numbers of people struggle with this. We use sensory instruments combined with breathing and relaxation techniques to create an environment where people experience deep relaxation. Even people living with high levels of anxiety can feel the benefit of sound relaxation, as it uses sounds to induce a relaxed state without the need for the active participation of the person. Our sessions are participant-led and designed to be inclusive and accessible to the wider community. Sound relaxation is a valued resource for staff teams who are operating in stressful working conditions.

Drumming brings people together. We designed our unique Rhythm for the Brain programme in 2016, initially working with people living with memory loss. Through simple rhythm exercises people experience cognitive, physical and social stimulation. Resilience in individuals and communities is supported by boosting confidence and sharing skills. The programme is effective for groups of people with brain injury, learning disabilities, mental health support needs and neurological conditions, as well as mixed groups. Rhythm for the Brain can be used as a staff enrichment activity with the focus on teamwork and active listening.

We provide training and awareness-raising sessions based on our work in the community.

Beat It Percussion CIC Company Number: 8482971

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