Ukrainian mom re-builds emotional strength

I am a Ukrainian war victim. I left my home country to save the lives of my three children and immigrated to the United Kingdom under the Homes for Ukraine scheme. I was terrified, worried, and lonely without family or friends. Before the war I was a manager and had a great life. I was stressed because in this country, language is the most significant barrier to finding work and having normal discussions. When I approached Bangladeshi Women’s Association, I was unsure how to proceed. I enrolled in ESOL Health and Well-being classes and met my advisor, who told me of the WDH Sandwell project which was just what I needed at that moment. I acquired important things about health and wellbeing while also strengthening my English-speaking skills. The advisor is highly motivating and encouraging. She advised me to enrol in accredited ESOL English and Maths classes because they are the essential prerequisites for pursuing other courses and developing a CV. I have enrolled in Dudley College for additional study. She introduced me to an ESOL English class, and I got a laptop from the centre, which makes learning much simpler. I make new friends and attend three activities in a week. I will continue to participate in this initiative to develop new skills.

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Wider determinants of health (WDH) are a range of social, environmental and economic factors which impact directly on the health (physical and mental) of the population. We have been working in partnership with the Black Country Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust (BCHFT) to identify how best to address some of the wider determinants of health, and how they impact on the wellbeing of our local residents. We are pleased to be delivering services which address some of these wider determinants of health and that help to support people who are in need.

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