Community connection through creative crafting

Before I came to Ileys Community Association I felt overwhelmed, lonely, and disconnected from my surroundings. I needed to get out of the house as always being indoors started to make me feel slightly depressed. I am a sociable person by nature and needed a place to mingle and build back up my self-confidence. I was in a state of isolation and uncertainty and I struggled to socialise because of my limited English-speaking skills. The cultural differences and language barrier intensified my feelings of isolation and made it challenging for me to seek out assistance or forge connections. I found myself lacking a support network and I joined the WDH programme because I was seeking community, connection, and a sense of belonging. I hoped to find a supportive environment where I could learn new skills, meet people, and regain confidence in myself.

Through the craft sessions I am learning how to sew. It is fun and educational at the same time. The coffee sessions allow me to socialise and make friends, which is what I wanted. I have made friends, developed confidence, and feel healthier as I am walking more to get to the centre. I feel like I am part of the community and I come to Ileys excited to see everyone. I want to start the ESOL class and partake in the wellbeing sessions. I feel empowered, supported and excited for what else is on offer.

“Now I feel less worried and anxious as I am leaving the house and socialising with people. I don’t fixate on issues and let it get so big in my head anymore because I have people I can talk to about it.”

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Wider determinants of health (WDH) are a range of social, environmental and economic factors which impact directly on the health (physical and mental) of the population. We have been working in partnership with the Black Country Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust (BCHFT) to identify how best to address some of the wider determinants of health, and how they impact on the wellbeing of our local residents. We are pleased to be delivering services which address some of these wider determinants of health and that help to support people who are in need.

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