A new home for a friendship group

When I first came here it was with all my friends from another centre that shut down. We used to hang out, talk and watch telly, and it was a safe space for us. When it closed down it was really heartbreaking. We came to Ideal for All, because one of the staff worked here and told us about what they do, and we loved the sound of it. I joined the gardening group to learn more about gardening, cooking, healthy lifestyles and the 5 ways to wellbeing. At Ideal for All instead of being inside 4 walls we have 3/4 acres of lush outdoor green space. It was tough because we didn’t know if we’d have a place to be together again but now, we are and I’m really happy about that. It means so much, it’s a place to relax and switch off and to do cool things I’ve not done in ages. I’ve been involved in activities such as growing veg in the gardens and then cooking meals from the fresh produce. We learn recipes together and I can do these at home after if I want. I’m a wicked chef and being able to cook with my friends is brilliant, we all love what we make and even take it home after to enjoy. Being involved has definitely benefited my mental health.

The staff are lovely because they understand us and what we need, they care about us. I’m about halfway through the programme and doing good. I love it here and can be myself and help myself. My confidence and mental health have improved. Also, I feel relaxed because I don’t have to help everyone, I can let people help each other and I don’t have to bring everyone, they can come on their own now. I used to be a peer leader where we used to meet, and had to unofficially call, monitor, and support everyone else. It was a lot of responsibility. I still want to do this in future but I want to do it in a place where I am also supported by staff and Ideal for All is supporting me with this. I’ve definitely grown, I feel better moving around and being outside in the sun! I know more about plants and am cooking more stuff. I’ve also been making use of the ‘weigh to go’ SMART electronic scales and app and have taken part in programmes like the Beat It Percussion ‘Sound Baths’. The programme lets me do so many things!

I’m feeling great, I love the place and the people, there’s so much to look forward to, with activities in the year. I am going to keep coming here, I don’t want leave! They need my help here too. I love it so much; I’d like maybe to do some women’s groups to meet new people. I’d love to do some day trips, or maybe a sponsored run. This place is the best and there is nothing like this. It’s for people that get how hard it can be, like me. We are all the same when we come here. I am not as lonely now and don’t ask for help I don’t need anymore. I do it myself instead. I don’t need the same mental health help like I did. I am feeling good.

“I feel much better and much busier which I love. You’ve helped me with so much, I’m much happier with who I am and what I know I can do.”

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Wider determinants of health (WDH) are a range of social, environmental and economic factors which impact directly on the health (physical and mental) of the population. We have been working in partnership with the Black Country Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust (BCHFT) to identify how best to address some of the wider determinants of health, and how they impact on the wellbeing of our local residents. We are pleased to be delivering services which address some of these wider determinants of health and that help to support people who are in need.

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