Supporting Sandwell residents who are struggling with their mental health to have choice and control over their support options (e.g. counselling, peer support, culturally relevant support).

In March 2022, CIS set up a new mental health service which was delivered by a number of our member organisations, all of which have a track record of supporting people with mental health needs. The service allowed residents who were struggling with their mental health to have choice and control over their support options (e.g. counselling, peer support, culturally relevant support). This service ended in May 2023 and we are seeking financial support to re-start this much needed and very successful project.

Our Impact

No. of clients

"The counsellor is really understanding and really tried to help my wife with her anxiety"

"The counsellor really understood me straight away and really helped with my situation"

"I'm thinking about travelling again now my confidence has been built up"

"Murray Hall do a brilliant job. My counsellor did a really brilliant job"

"My counsellor encouraged my to have more positive behaviour. If it was not for them I feel I may have gone to prison or would have died"

"The Team are all very friendly and supportive"

"I feel that it did help me talk about what was going on for me"

"I was really sad when the counselling sessions finished"

"I was able to talk to my counsellor without feeling judged, it also helped me to understand myself. I found the counselling really helped me explore my issues without family or outsider judgement"

"Mom has improved alot since her counselling sessions with Murray Hall"

"I have found this service amazing and feel that it has really helped me"

"I am very grateful that I did not have to visit the centre and that my therapy sessions could be accommodated over zoom. I struggle to get out of the house and found that this had a huge impact"

"It has really helped me to move on from the past and build strong self-esteem"

"I now refer others to KPG and am grateful for their support"

"The sessions have really helped me to sleep much better"

PHQ9 scoring

PHQ9 is a diagnostic tool which is used in counselling and other mental health provision. It is not a screening tool for depression, but it is used to monitor the severity of depression and response to treatment. It is typically completed in the initial assessment and again in an individual’s final counselling session. It includes questions to which scores are given based on response. These include questions about an individual’s level of interest in doing things, feeling down or depressed, difficulty with sleeping, energy levels, eating habits, self-perception, ability to concentrate, speed of functioning and thoughts of suicide. The worse things are for you, the higher the score with the highest score being 27 and indicating severe depression. We use this tool in our counselling services.


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